Jeff Lemire Announces New OGN

By | February 27th, 2010
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Here’s a nice little bit of news to end your week with! Multiversity favorite Jeff Lemire is coming out with a brand new original graphic novel on Top Shelf Comics, the same company he used with his Essex County trilogy, which I reviewed a while back. The title is The Underwater Welder, and it sounds pretty interesting:

Pressure. As an underwater welder on an oilrig off the coast of Nova Scotia, Jack Joseph is used to the immense pressures of deep-sea work. Nothing, however, could prepare him for the pressures of impending fatherhood. As Jack dives deeper and deeper, he seems to pull further and further away from his young wife, and their unborn son. But then, something happens deep on the ocean floor. Jack has a strange and mind-bending encounter that will change the course of his life forever. … Equal parts blue-collar character study and mind-bending science fiction epic, The Underwater Welder is a 250-page graphic novel that explores fathers and sons, birth and death, memory and truth, and treasures we all bury deep down inside.

That’s all fun and dandy, except for the fact it doesn’t come out until 2012! What? Kind of annoying to announce it now, but never the less. With Lemire’s large success due to the Vertigo title Sweet Tooth bringing some well deserved attention his way, now would be the time for those of you enjoying that to check out Essex County. If the greatness of that is any indication, The Underwater Welder will be fantastic.

Matthew Meylikhov

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