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    Join Us For Our Live-Tweeting and Our Daily Reviews of ‘Jessica Jones’

    By | November 19th, 2015
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    This weekend sees the launch of Marvel’s second Netflix series, Jessica Jones. If you recall, when Daredevil was released, we made our put upon Scot, Alice W. Castle, live tweet the whole thing in one sitting. When we were discussing how to approach this series, we were torn: we loved Alice’s livetweeting, but we also didn’t want to be brought up on war crimes.

    Then, we also thought about the folks out there who would be watching the show one episode at a time – does a livetweet really satisfy them?

    So, here is our plan for Jessica Jones – both Friday and Saturday, starting at 1pm Eastern, Alice will be livetweeting the show from our @MultiversityTV account – 6 episodes on Saturday, 7 episodes on Sunday. Join the conversation by both following us on Twitter, and using the hashtag #AKAmctv.

    Then, starting Monday morning, we will have a daily ‘5 Thoughts’ column by our own Jess Camacho, detailing one episode a day until the series is complete.

    Hopefully, you join us for this foray into Marvel’s most unusual adaptation yet!

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