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    Official Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer Released

    By | February 7th, 2018
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    Netflix have released a second, and quite bloody, full trailer for Jessica Jones season 2:

    A few things of note in this trailer: first is a kid asking Jessica if she knows Captain America, which is a surprisingly brazen reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, given how the Netflix are often insistent on toning down references to the wider fantastical world of the Avengers, to the point “incident” was used as a substitute for “alien” in The Defenders.

    Secondly, we’re finally getting some closure as to how Jessica survived her childhood car crash and gained her superpowers, which was teased in the first season way back in 2015. Apparently, Jessica did die in the car accident, and the powers were a side-effect of the experimental procedure performed by IGH to bring her back (eat your heart out Phil Coulson).

    The trailer concludes with some ominous purple lighting and hand claps, courtesy of one possibly still alive Kilgrave, who, one way or another, is still haunting Jessica.

    Jessica Jones season 2 will be released on March 8. Head on over to Vulture for a look at the season’s first poster, which proclaims there’ll be “no filter,” and let us know what you think in the comments. Who do you think the new Asian antagonist is? What about Jeri Hogarth’s new love interest? And finally, can you identify the song for us?

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