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Image Announces “Jesusfreak” by Joe Casey and Benjamin Marra

By | September 14th, 2018
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Cover by Benjamin Marra
At The Hollywood Reporter, Image Comics has announced a new original graphic novel entitled “Jesusfreak,” written by Joe Casey and illustrated by Benjamin Marra. Image described the book as “a bloody, two-fisted tale of historical heroic fiction featuring a young Nazarean carpenter who is having some trouble finding his place within the violent world around him.”

Speaking about the book, Casey said, “’Jesusfreak’ is less inspired by any strict religious traditions and is instead more concerned with exploring the unique tension that exists between depicting a mythical figure and a historical figure – a tension that is compounded when, for many, they’re considered the same person. It’s also a chance for Marra and I to indulge in a specific style of hard pulp storytelling that we think perfectly fits this material.” Marra added, “My aim with ‘Jesusfreak’ is to channel the energy and storytelling of artists like Paul Gulacy, Frank Miller and Klaus Janson to deliver a very different kind of historical fiction.”

Joe Casey has written several comic book series, including Image’s “MCMLXXV,” which began earlier this week. Benjamin Marra illustrated the 2015 graphic novel “Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T.” for Fantagraphics Books.

An exclusive ashcan preview of the book will be available at next month’s New York Comic Con, while the full-length graphic novel will be released in comics shops on March 20th, 2019, and mainstream bookstores March 26th.

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