Jim Zubkavich to Take Over Birds of Prey

Announced this morning at CBR, it looks like “Uncanny Skullkickers” writer Jim Zubkavich will be the latest indie superstar to join DC’s talent pool. Starting with March’s issue #18, Zubkavich will be replacing Duane Swierczynski as writer of the series with artist Romano Molenaar, keeping Black Canary and Batgirl as the staple members and introducing Strix as the new member of the team. Strix appears to be linked to the Court of Owls in her design, which seems to make sense based on the focus of the first story that features Mr. Freeze, who got a raw deal during ‘Night of the Owls’ and is apparently seeking some form of restitution.

Joining other Image talents like Justin Jordan and John Layman, it looks like DC is beginning to take a strong investment in new talent with their line, which is great to see. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come from the new New 52.

Congrats to Jim Zub on the new gig, and we wish him the best of luck on the title. Look for his first issue in March of next year.

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