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    "Joe the Barbarian" Film Adaptation On Its Way

    By | July 27th, 2010
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    In an exclusive dropped on Robot 6 by Grant Morrison himself, the legendary comics creator revealed that his 2010 creator owned project for Vertigo Comics Joe the Barbarian is being adapted into a film by Thunder Road Pictures.

    In this day and age, it’s not surprising that a comic property is snatched up to be developed into a film, but still this is very exciting news. This has been a standout series for me this year, and I can very easily imagine it being turned into a hugely entertaining and legendary kids movie ala a lot of the family films from the 80’s that often verged on creepy to a degree.

    My only concern? Translating series artist Sean Murphy’s visuals to the screen. While film can often pull off imagery as well if not better than comics, Murphy’s work this year has been the absolute best art in the business in my book. His ability to stage shots and express the story visually has made the series far better than it would have been in another artist’s hands, and if the director of the film is smart he will use Murphy’s visuals as a bible to crafting this film.

    Exciting news, and congrats to R6 for pulling this exclusive.

    David Harper

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