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    Jonathan Hickman Teases Something New at Image for 2015

    By | July 31st, 2014
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    In the back of this week’s “Manhattan Projects” lies a bit of a tease for fans. Take a look:

    While we’re unsure what this is (and no one is telling us, unfortunately), our assumption would be that this is our first look at Hickman’s long-awaited graphic novel “Feel Better Now.” While it has been some time since we’ve heard anything new from it (teased in 2011 and announced as a 40-page graphic novella for $3.99), the book was put on hold for a 2012 release date — which, obviously, never came. Hickman stated that he wanted the book to be much bigger, as he was quoted in a press release:

    “I regret to inform everyone that FEEL BETTER NOW will not be shipping on schedule,” said Hickman. “Unfortunately, during the course of creating this story, it got bigger. Far beyond the 40 pages we had allocated for the book, and, as a result, I have decided to give the story the scope I feel it deserves.

    “Right now, we think the best thing to do is pull it from Diamond and re-solicit the book at a later date when we can firm up the final price point, page count and delivery date. I apologize for the inconvenience, but sometimes these things take on a life of their own and FEEL BETTER NOW is a story that deserves a full canvas.”

    The book was originally described as a black comedy about psychiatrists messing with their patients, and the art above does look like Jonathan Hickman’s style, albeit through a more Sienkiewicz-esque lens. If this is a teaser announcement that “Feel Better Now” is coming in 2015, then I will gladly take it.

    Or it’s something completely different and I’m just running my mouth off to justify a longer post for this incredibly brief image. Either one. As I mentioned, to quote Sergeant Turner, nobody tells me nothin’.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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