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    Joshua Luna To Write/Draw New Solo Mini: Whispers

    By | September 29th, 2011
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    One of our favorite collaborative teams at MC is that of the Luna Brothers, who have brought us such titles as Ultra, Girls and the Sword. However, since the Sword wrapped up last year, the Luna brothers have been oddly quiet with their output and upcoming books, leaving us readers in the dark as to what they have planned next.

    Now we know. Or, we half-know.

    Joshua Luna will be writing and illustrating a new supernatural miniseries entitled Whispers. The book follows Sam Webber, a man with OCD who discovers he has the power to leave his body and wander around as a ghost, and will explore the concepts of free will and control. Sam will be joined in this title by his ex-girlfriend and eccentric neighbor, as well as a thug who “Sam uses as a chess piece in a very dangerous game that unravels as the story progresses.” There will also be supernatural elements to the story that Luna doesn’t want to discuss yet.

    Luna notes that while he is typically known as the writer of the Luna brothers, he began his career as an illustrator and wanted the opportunity to return to that, adding that it feels like he’s beginning his career all over again. However, the only major change to his work will be the fact that he’s illustrating, and he believes that this will follow in the tradition of his previous work by telling a supernatural tale grounded in a very human one.

    The book is set for a January 2012 release. For the full interview with Joshua Luna, check out Comic Book Resources.

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