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“Justice League Incarnate” from Williamson, Culver, Bressan, and Peterson Coming in November

By | August 12th, 2021
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Cover by Gary Frank
Spinning out of “Infinite Frontier” is “Justice League Incarnate,” a miniseries and the ‘second act’ of “Infinite Frontier.” Co-written by Joshua Williamson (“Infinite Frontier,” “Robin”) and Dennis Culver (“Future State Gotham,” “A Year of Marvels: The Incredible”), with a first issue illustrated by Andrei Bressan (“Birthright,” “Sword of Sorcery”) and Brandon Peterson (“The Flash,” “Titans”), the series will travel the multiverse across five issues, with different artists tackling each different Earth. Our friends at Newsarama broke the news of the series earlier this afternoon.

Williamson has emerged as one of the preeminent writers at DC over the past few years, and 2021 has really seen him rise to new levels, in terms of producing the books that are at the core of what DC is all about. This creative team seems particularly drawn from Williamson’s rolodex as well; Culver and Williamson have co-written together in the past (as recently as “Future State Gotham” or as far back as BOOM’s “RoboCop” in 2015), and Bressan and Williamson recently wrapped up “Birthright” at Image Comics after 50 issues in June.

Here is what Williamson said on Twitter about the series.

Justice Incarnate was first introduced by Grant Morrison in “The Multiversity,” and features heroes from across the Multiverse banding together to protect the Multiverse itself. The cover to “Justice League Incarnate” #1 features President Superman (Earth-23), Mary Marvel (Earth-5), Thunderer (Earth-7), Captain Carrot (Earth-26), Batman (Thomas Wayne of the Flashpoint Universe), Aquawoman (Earth-11), Avery Ho, the Chinese Flash of Earth-0, and a new character from Earth-8 called Dr. Multiverse.

Avery Ho is likely on the team due to the kidnapping of Barry Allen, another Earth-0 Flash, in the pages of “Infinite Frontier.” Also missing from the team is Earth-8’s Machinehead, who [spoiler alert] betrays Justice Incarnate in “Infinite Frontier” #4.

The first issue of “Justice League Incarnate” hits digitally and in print on November 2.

Jon Silveira