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    KaBOOM! to Release Original Graphic Novel “Hotel Dare”

    By | May 21st, 2018
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    In an exclusive with The Beat, KaBOOM! announced they have partnered with Terry Blas (“Dead Weight”) and Claudia Aguirre (“Kim&Kim”) to publish “Hotel Dare,” a fantasy graphic novel set in a hotel in which “every door can lead to a magical world.”

    The book follows a group of siblings: Olive and her two adopted siblings Darwin and Charlotte, as well as their estranged grandmother Lupe. Together, they are stuck in this “creepy hotel” in Mexico. However, when they uncover the power of an ancient mask that allows them to travel between worlds, they find “space pirates, bearded wizards and cotton-candied kingdoms.” Our heroes will also discover on a much deeper level, that “family may be the secret to saving them all.”

    “To bring this type of story to life, featuring characters from some of the largest minority groups with the least amount of representation is important to me and hopefully it will connect with people of all backgrounds, interests and ages,” Blas told The Beat. Claudia Aguirre said “’Hotel Dare’ is the ultimate adventure book I would have loved as a kid; world-hopping action, and a cast of lovable Latino characters who take on the mantle of heroes,” and asks “Who doesn’t like a story with a heroic Mexican abuelita? I am very proud to be the artist for this amazing adventure for all ages. I’m hoping it will connect with you too, and make you feel like part of the Dare family!”

    “Hotel Dare” will be released in 2019 and is part of BOOM! Studios’s all-ages KaBOOM! imprint. You can check out some of promo artwork down below:

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