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    Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall Promises To Be Excessively Ridiculous

    By | August 31st, 2010
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    It snuck into solicits like a thief in the night, but if you haven’t heard yet: yes, Balls To The Wall is happening. Millar mentioned a Kick-Ass sequel some time ago before the movie was even out, but it looks like he was more serious than we had assumed. And what’s more is that you can be assured it will be a) more ridiculous than the first and b) it’s actually going to be influenced by the film’s success.

    That element really isn’t too surprising. The film was a box office and will assumedly become bigger in DVD sales. Fans who have never even read a comic responded very well to the film (even if some of us who have didn’t). Multiversity’s own Josh Mocle said it was better than the book in many ways. I suppose Millar agrees.

    So what are some of the things you can expect? Well, for first Chris Mintz-Plasse (who played Red Mist in the film) said that Mist needs a Harley Quinn, so Millar has given it to him. Kick-Ass is also going to learn how to actually fought, and Hit Girl will be his trainer. In fact, that’s how the book will open (as seen in the image here). The characters will also be slightly different because now Millar is writing his book with the actors in mind. Hit Girl will be fixed to Chloe Moretz’s talent and abilities, Kick Ass to Johnston’s, etc. The plot will mainly feature “street-level superheroes going viral,” now that Kick-Ass and his band are out there in a more public way. “It happens with everything. It happens with hairstyles and music. All it takes is for someone to write something about it, and then all of the sudden, there are imitators and haters! That’s when I realized that superheroes would be like that. One guys does it, and then people see someone get in a pinch and then another one is out there. That’s what happens with Kick-Ass,” said Millar.

    Kick-Ass 2 #1 will be out in shops in October (despite being solicited in August), and if we’ve learned nothing else from Millar’s current work it’s that this book will, in fact, be balls to the wall. If you like that or not is really more up to you, but I can assure you we at MC will be following the progress of this book and it’s story, as Mark Millar becomes the biggest (and arguably the first) comic book writer to write comic boo kadaptations for movies that haven’t happened yet.


    Matthew Meylikhov

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