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    Stohl and Pacheco Explore Carol Danvers’s Backstory in July’s “Life of Captain Marvel”

    By | March 2nd, 2018
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    Current “Captain Marvel” writer Margaret Stohl revealed to ABC News that she will be writing a new Carol Danvers book coming this summer, July 4th to be exact. The new book, “The Life of Captain Marvel,” will be part of a rollout of new number 1s retelling and expanding on the origins of Marvel’s Greatest Superheroes. She will be working with artist Carlos Pacheco on the book, and said the pages she’s been shown so far are incredible: “He is so good at delivering emotion and getting the reader to connect with what’s on the page.”

    Stohl has been writing Carol’s adventures since last year’s “Mighty Captain Marvel,” and remained for the ‘Marvel Legacy’ renumbering “Captain Marvel” #125 – #129 (which concluded this week). She says feels a great kinship to the one-time Air Force and NASA pilot as her own workplace experience in video games and comics has often made her the only woman in a room full of men.

    She expects that her revisioning of Carol Danvers’s origin will be as she puts it “nothing you’ll expect:”

    “You look through a different lens. It’s nothing you’ll expect and nothing you’ve seen happen but there will be parts of her life that change the context of what you’ve seen before, so it’s telling the other side of the story, of how she came to be.”

    The solicitation from Marvel does in fact reveal a few hints at to what we might expect come July 4th:

    Retelling Captain Marvel’s origin story will stem from “crippling anxiety attacks [that] put her on the sidelines in the middle of a fight. Carol finds herself reliving memories of a life she thought was far behind her. You can’t outrun where you’re from — and sometimes, you HAVE to go home again. But there are skeletons in Captain Marvel’s closet — and what she discovers will change her entire world,”

    Until this new series, fans can expect to see Captain Marvel in “Infinity Countdown,” and the new “Avengers” comic starting May 2.

    Greg Lincoln