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    Mark Buckingham Adapting Neil Gaiman’s “Likely Stories”

    By | March 5th, 2018
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    At Polygon, Dark Horse Comics have announced “Fables” artist Mark Buckingham will adapt four short stories by Neil Gaiman in a graphic novel anthology, titled “Likely Stories.” These four stories are:

    – ‘Looking for the Girl:’ Originally published in Penthouse in 1985, this story follows a photographer on a quest to find a seemingly immortal pin-up model.
    – ‘Foreign Parts,’ about a young man suffering from an inexplicable sexually transmitted disease.
    – ‘Closing Time,’ which Polygon states is “best described as a classic ghost story with a metatextual twist.”
    – ‘Feeders and Eaters,’ which follows a young man who learns his elderly female neighbor insists on only eating raw, fresh meat. This creepy story was originally a Fleetway comic strip created by Gaiman and Buckingham in 1990, which the anthology will presumably expand upon.

    All of these stories are considered to be among Gaiman’s more unsettling, and were previously adapted for the live-action Sky TV series Likely Stories, which is where this graphic novel gets its name from. The original prose versions of the first two tales have been reprinted in the short story collection Smoke and Mirrors, while the latter pair can be read in Fragile Things.

    “Likely Stories” will be in comic book stores on August 29 (and other book stores on September 11), and will retail at a price of $17.99. Head on over to Polygon for more from Buckingham and an exclusive look at the illustrated ‘Closing Time.’

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