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Lion Forge Announces “Backtrack,” “BezKamp”

By | March 29th, 2019
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With WonderCon under way, Lion Forge have announced “Backtrack,” a 10-issue limited series written by Brian Joines (“Krampus”) with art from Jake Elphick (“WWE”). Described as “one part Fast and Furious, one part Back to the Future, with a healthy dash of The Hunger Games,” the comic will follow Alyson Levy, a former criminal who has signed up for a cross country car race. The winner will be able to correct a single mistake from their past, something very appealing to Alyson. The prize comes with a caveat though, as each leg of the race brings drivers to a different period in history. The racers will contend with dinosaurs, barbarians and will also be thrown into the far future.

Joines said, “Working with editor Jasmine Amiri has been a fantastic experience and I couldn’t ask for a better creative partner than Jake Elphick. I can’t wait for readers to get behind the wheel and take our story of racing, redemption and raptors out for a spin.” Amiri added, “Brian’s story stood out like a beacon — he clearly had something incredible cooking. And with Jake Elphick joining our crew, we knew we had found someone who could make each page feel kinetic, dynamic, and FAST. Buckle-up, kids — ‘Backtrack’ is going to be as hard-hitting as they come.”

You can get an exclusive preview of the interiors for “Backtrack” at Paste. “Backtrack” #1 is scheduled to hit comic book stores in September.


Lion Forge have also announced “BezKamp,” an original graphic novel written by Samuel Sattin (“Glint”) and Jen Hickman (“Mercy Sparks”) providing art. Aimed towards YA readers, “BezKamp” is set in a fantasy world where the written word is outlawed. However when the village is threatened, one of its greatest warrior’s son will discover a world “and a truth, he had previously not known.”

Samuel Sattin, the writer behind Lion Forge’s “Glint” trilogy, said ““Working on this book with Jen Hickman has been an absolute dream. Not only is their art phenomenal, but the genius amount of detail and specificity put into it allows for layers of narrative to reemerge upon subsequent reads. There are a lot of layers to this story, a lot of possible meanings, and I’m excited to see readers interpret it their own way.” Jen Hickman stated “Lion Forge’s books are imaginative and expansive, and I feel like ‘BezKamp’ is exactly that. I’m very excited for readers to get to delve into the world that Sam and I have created.”

“BezKamp” will be released in October, but you can check out the first few pages at The Hollywood Reporter.

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