Locke & Key Headed to Hollywood for a Trilogy

We’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time now. Put on your excited hat, folks: “Locke & Key” is going to Hollywood!

After a failed pilot for Fox (which, truth be told, I rather enjoyed), it looks like Universal has snatched up the rights to adapt the epic Hill/Rodriguez comic collab for a horror trilogy, as confirmed by Roberto Orci who has additionally confirmed he will write the script. Orci, you may remember, is one half of the team that actually wrote the Locke & Key TV pilot with Alex Kurtzman, who also collaborate for TV’s Fringe and the Star Trek reboot film, so considering the strengths of the pilot the film seems to already be in good hands — or, at the very least, hands that care a great deal about the property.

Whether the original pilot cast will be involved in the films are unknown (likely not), but if these films can be as generally faithful to the book as the pilot was, we’re certainly in for a horror treat. Lets just hope they space things out a bit more and don’t try and cram six issues worth of story into too short a time frame again.

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