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    Locust Moon’s “Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream” Hits Kickstarter, Features an Infinitely Impressive Line-up

    By | June 23rd, 2014
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    I’ve been waiting for this one to hit for quite some time now, but it seems today is the day: Locust Moon’s epic tribute to the timeless classic work of Winsor McCay, “Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream,” is now on Kickstarter.

    For those unaware, Little Nemo is arguably the most famous of Winsor McCay’s many contributions in comics. A young boy who embarks on wild and fantastical adventures whenever he goes to sleep, the strip ran in the New York Herald from 1905-1911, and again in the New York American from 1911-1914, 1924-1926. It was also adapted into a film by none other than the likes of Ray Bradbury and Moebius, and now the list of names who are putting their stamp on the legacy of Little Nemo is greater than ever.

    Locust Moon took two years to put this book together, and the end result appears to be worthwhile. Done completely in news strip form, the book features brand new contributions from topic comics talents all within a massive 16″ x 21″ 144-page hardcover, designed by Jim Rugg.

    Featuring art by the likes of Paul Pope, JG Jones, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, Bill Sienkiewicz, P. Craig Russell, Carla Speed McNeil, Jill Thompson and many, many more, the Kickstarter describes itself a “love song for Winsor McCay, Little Nemo and the limitless possibilities of comics” — and from everything we can see, that just sort of scratches the surface of what the book has to offer.

    Here’s the entire list of contributors, via the Kickstarter:

    • Michael & Laura Allred
    • Weshoyot Alvitre
    • Connie Applegate
    • Gabriel Bá
    • Peter Bagge
    • Fil Barlow
    • Jeremy Bastian
    • Jeremy Baum
    • Art Baxter
    • Alexandra Beguez
    • Gregory Benton
    • Stephen R. Bissette
    • Box Brown
    • Mark Buckingham
    • Dave Bullock
    • Kevin Cannon
    • Zander Cannon
    • John Cassaday
    • Bodie Chewning
    • Senk Chhour
    • Cliff Chiang
    • Dave Chisholm
    • Cole Closser
    • Jorge Coelho & Paul Allor
    • James Comey
    • Aaron Conley
    • Toby Cypress
    • Farel Dalrymple
    • Camilla d’Errico
    • Peter Diamond
    • Maëlle Doliveux
    • Dave Dorman
    • Eleanor Doughty
    • J.M. Dragunas
    • Becky Dreistadt
    • Gustavo Duarte
    • Jerel Dye
    • Alex Eckman-Lawn
    • Daniel Elisii
    • Theo Ellsworth
    • Lisk Feng
    • Charles Fetherolf
    • Charles Forsman
    • Rawn Gandy
    • Gerhard
    • Frank Gibson
    • Raul Gonzalez
    • Stephen Halker
    • James Harvey
    • Dean Haspiel
    • Sam Heimer
    • Marc Hempel
    • Maria & Peter Hoey
    • Paul Hoppe
    • Matt Huynh
    • J.G. Jones
    • Kelley Jones
    • Keren Katz
    • Jeffro Kilpatrick
    • Denis Kitchen
    • Todd Klein
    • Roger Langridge
    • Brendan Leach
    • Mike Lee
    • Jasen Lex
    • Paul Little
    • David Mack
    • Andrew MacLean
    • Michelle Madsen
    • Mark Mariano
    • Benjamin Marra
    • Laura Martin
    • Paul Maybury
    • Katie Moody
    • Fábio Moon
    • Adriano Moraes
    • Moritat
    • Scott Morse
    • Dean Motter
    • Marcus Muller
    • Ramón Pérez
    • David Petersen
    • Roger Petersen
    • Shay Plummer
    • David Plunkert
    • Nik Poliwko
    • Paul Pope
    • Nate Powell
    • George Pratt
    • Dave Proch
    • Joe Quinones
    • Sara Richard
    • Hans Rickheit
    • Paolo Rivera
    • Paul Rivoche
    • Rafer Roberts
    • Marco Rudy
    • Jim Rugg
    • P. Craig Russell
    • Tom Scioli
    • Mike Sgier
    • Yuko Shimizu
    • Galen Showman
    • Bill Sienkiewicz
    • R. Sikoryak
    • Bishakh Som
    • Carla Speed McNeil
    • Dave Stewart
    • Tobias Tak
    • Jamie Tanner
    • Craig Thompson
    • Jill Thompson
    • Jen Tong
    • Anh Tran
    • Jenna Trost
    • Andrea Tsurumi
    • Jonathan Tune
    • Charles Vess
    • S.M. Vidaurri
    • José Villarrubia
    • Jonathan Wayshak
    • Mark Wheatley
    • Maris Wicks
    • Grim Wilkins
    • J.H. Williams III
    • Ronald Wimberly
    • Rob Woods
    • James Yang
    • Alexis Ziritt
    • David Zissou
    • Chrissie Zullo

    If there’s not at least one name on that list that suits your fancy, then I’ll be honest: I’m completely baffled. It’s one of the most impressive assemblies of comic book talent I’ve perhaps ever seen in one place, and while it’s an expensive book, that list of names — to me — more than makes up for it.

    Here are some samples (small, but still fairly noteworthy):

    Roger Langridge / Jeremy Bastian
    Peter & Maria Hoey / Peter Bagge
    David Petersen / Toby Cypress

    To get the book you’ll have to kick in $100 to the campaign (more if you want all the prints), but for all intents and purposes this seems like more than a good deal.

    “Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream” from Locust Press is on Kickstarter now.

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