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    Long Live the King – Celebrating 98 Years of Jack Kirby

    By | August 28th, 2015
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    A young Kirby

    98 years ago today, on August 28, 1917, Jacob Kurtzberg was born in Manhattan. Now better known by the name Jack Kirby, he went on to create or co-create countless comic book heroes, villains, monsters, lovebirds, devices, artifacts, vehicles… well, you get the point. Some of those creations have become renowned across the globe, such as the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and the X-Men, but by the sheer output Kirby generated in his life most fans will always be able to discover something new of his. Kirby was everything a comic artist should aspire be: a vibrantly dynamic, yet always crystal clear visual storyteller, a font of imagination, and the embodiment of productivity. His mark can be felt not only in American comics (where it is not so much a mark as a permanent seal), but in comics from across the globe. Truly, it is almost impossible to imagine what comics would be like today had the King not enriched the medium with his genius.

    Rather than our typical weekly poll, we here at Multiversity Comics wanted to ask our readers to share their favorite things about Jack Kirby. That means anything — have a favorite character he made? We’d love to hear who it is. Know an interesting or funny anecdote about the man himself? Do tell! Is there a particular page of his that is emblazoned into your memory? Hey, the comments section allows you to upload pictures. Tell us — or show us — why you think Kirby’s title of King of Comics is well deserved.

    Me? I’m a Darkseid fanboy through and through. Well, as much as you can be a fanboy of the tiger-force at the core of all things.

    Also acceptable: The Revelation

    Walt Richardson

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