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    “Manifest Destiny” From Skybound Will Show A Darker Side Of Lewis & Clark This November

    By | July 22nd, 2013
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    Announced today, from USAToday, screenwriter for Being Human, Chris Dingess, will be writing a new series for Skybound/Image that will be exploring a very different version of the Louisiana Purchase. Titled “Manifest Destiny”, Dingess will be teaming up with “Battle Pope” artist Matthew Roberts to tell the story of Lewis and Clark embarking on “America’s first black-ops mission.”

    Speaking on the alternate history of the series, Dingess explained to USAToday:

    The reason we got the Louisiana Purchase for so cheap from Napoleon was because the land west of the Mississippi was full of dangerous creatures and monsters.

    Sounds to me like the Brothers Grimm style of taking history or folklore and crossing them with fantasy will be hitting comics soon enough. “Manifest Destiny”, from Chrs Dingess and Matthew Clark, will be launched by Skybound this November. For more information on the tile, be sure to check out Dingess’ interview with USAToday for more information on the title.

    Alice W. Castle

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