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    Marguerite Bennett, Jorge Coelho and Noelle Stevenson Bring “Sleepy Hollow” to Boom! Studios

    By | June 30th, 2014
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    If you’re like me, you approached Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” drama last fall with an equal mix of snark and mild curiosity, and when met with the surprisingly strong reviews, you couldn’t resist checking it out on demand. What came next was a no frills, pure fun 13-episode season of pure insanity headlined by incredible performances by Tom Mison as the out-of-time Ichabod Crane (seriously, this guy crushes) and Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills, as they face off against true evil and give us limitless grins whenever Crane has to interact with modern technology.

    It’s a great show, and now it’s going to be a comic book. A four-issue mini-series in fact from Boom! Studios, written by rising star Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by the uber-talented Jorge Coelho. That’s an excellent pairing, with two creators with styles attuned to the story, and on top of that we’ll have back-ups written and illustrated by none other than “Lumberjanes” writer Noelle Stevenson, taking this baby to the next level.

    My biggest question in regards to this book when it was first hinted at was whether or not the creative team could achieve the feel that is so important to the show. After seeing the creative team, the answer to that question appears to be a resounding “YES!” Here’s hoping I’m right. We’ll all find out 10/15 when it arrives in a comic shop or a tablet near you.

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