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    Mark Millar Launches British Comic-Con: KAPOW!

    By | November 29th, 2010
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    Kapow! Comic Con Trailer from kapowcomiccon on Vimeo.

    It was rumored that Millar had a big announcement for Monday, and it was also rumored that it would be a new creator owned book (as he is supposedly working on three new Millarworld titles not including Kick-Ass and we’ve only seen two). However, it turns out it’s something bigger: Kapow!, the UK’s first official big scaled Comic Convention.

    This is actually pretty amazing. Fans over on the other side of the pond have certainly had their fair share of comic conventions, but when Mark Millar puts his name on something he usually goes all out with it. Having just launched CLiNT, a brand new comic magazine, Millar is now looking to bring the SDCC to the UK audience.

    As of now, some of the creators attending will be (deep breaths here) Dave Gibbons, Frank Quitely, Leinil Francis Yu, Andy Diggle, Jock, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fregredo, Kevin O’Niel, Adi Granov, Pat Mills, Paul Cornell, David Hine, Brendan McCarthy, Simon Furman, John Romita, Jr., David Lloyd, Olivier Coipel, Kieron Gillen, Bryan Hitch, John McCrea and more. Marvel and DC will also be in attendance, which is a huge step in the right direction to getting a con off the ground. While smaller cons certainly thrive, it’s the ones where the big two show up that really help to pull in fans (as I’ve noticed).

    For more information, check the official website where you can already purchase tickets. Take that, SDCC!


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