Marvel Announces Next Big Thing: Avengers Assemble By Kelly Sue DeConnick

In yet more Marvel news, it was just announced over at CBR that “Captain Marvel” scribe Kelly Sue DeConnick will be taking over “Avengers Assemble” as an ongoing title with issue 9. The title, originally intended to tie in to Marvel’s The Avengers film, will focus on relatively short arcs of three-to-four issues in length with the line-up varying from arc to arc.

The initial line-up will reunite Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk from the film line-up as well as Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. It was said that Black Widow will make an appearance after the first arc, but that Kelly Sue “really like[s] Jessica Drew and how broken she is.”

The question of what villains will appear went unaddressed to avoid spoilers, but it was said that the opening arc will focus on an “Amazing Race” set up, with the team splitting into smaller teams and race across the globe. Kelly Sue revealed that over the course of the arc that Spider-Woman and the Hulk would be competing with Iron Man and Thor. There was also the promise of cameos from Spider-Man, Wolverine and the Scarlet Witch.

The title’s initial connection to The Avengers was also addressed, with Editor Tom Brevoort explaining that the title will be largely self-contained, but will reflect major changes in the Marvel Universe in general.

For the full coverage of the announcement, head over to CBR

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