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    Marvel To Put Out Free MMO For PC

    By | April 29th, 2011
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    Marvel had been teasing this one for a little while now, but tonight the news finally dropped: Marvel’s latest MMO is coming soon.

    At the helm of the project is acclaimed writer Brian Bendis, who has recently extended his writing career above and beyond the comic book world to also include that of Marvel Studios and Marvel animation, let alone some other projects we probably don’t know about. The game is going to be created by Dave Brevick and Andy Collins, designers from Gazillion at Sony. The main villain of the story will be Doctor Doom, and the game will allow players to take on the roles of actual Marvel heroes as they play/fight through various re-imagined events in the Marvel U.

    And the best part? It’s all free.

    The worst part is that right now it’s for PC only. That’s kind of a drag (I say as I write on my cool MacBook Pro in front of my XBOX and Playstation). But hey, they’ll probably expand beyond that at some point, right? I’m sure Marvel will allow me to have my dream of playing Forbush Man.

    Look for more info on this as soon as we can find it.

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