MC and NYCC ’12: Del Toro and Morrison Go Legendary

By | October 14th, 2012
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It looks like Legendary is starting to get into the comic game seriously now.

Announced at NYCC, Legendary Comics (home of your favorite Frank Miller book, “Holy Terror”) will be putting out two comics, one from film-maker Guillermo Del Toro and the other from super-creator Grant Morrison.

Del Toro’s book will be a graphic novel prelude to his upcoming film Pacific Rim, and will be written by screenwriter Travis Beacham, detailing the early days of monster attacks and how mankind reacted. While Del Toro isn’t writing the book himself, he does say that he is as involved as one can get, sort of like a “director of comics,” so that the book matches his vision of the film.

Morrison’s book, on the other hand, will be a six-issue series written by him entitled “Annihilator,” which hs a sci-fi horror book. It stars Ray Spass, a screenwriter who is struggling with a brain tumor, who is trying to write a script adaptation for a movie about an antihero named Max Nomax, a character stuck in a prison on the edge of a black hole. However, when the real Nomax appears, Spass’ life changes in a drastic way as his tumor apparently contains information that will help stop the destruction of the world.

Yup, sounds like a Morrison book.

For more, check out Del Toro’s interview with Hero Complex here and Morrison’s interview with Heat Vision here.

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