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    Meredith and David Finch Taking Over “Wonder Woman” in November

    By | June 30th, 2014
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    We knew back in February that Azzarello and Chiang’s run on “Wonder Woman” was coming to a close, but now it appears we have a date: October.

    And as such, it has been revealed the replacement creative team: Meredith and David Finch, as announced at USA Today. The article discussed quite a few changes that will be seen when the new creative team takes over with #36, such as a focus on “bringing humanity to the powerful Amazonian princess” as it gets away from the Greek mythology and family dysfunction that has been the focal point of the series so far.

    Of course, to many readers this is an immediate and inherent negative. After all, “Wonder Woman’s” portrayal of its central heroine has certainly been rather remarkably different from her appearances elsewhere; early “Wonder Woman” issues and early “Justice League” issues in the New 52 certainly seemed to portray different characters, for example. Not only that, but the Wonder Woman of “Superman/Wonder Woman” does still read differently from the character in the main series, specifically due to the involvement of mythology and her family and a more politically-bent angle towards exploring what makes Wonder Woman a great heroine (something we’ve certainly put great focus on in the past).

    However, there are still benefits towards potential fans. David Finch has just come off of DC’s big “Forever Evil” event, and this is certainly a similarly high profile title. This is, however, Meredith Finch’s first main Big Two comic work, having only written short stories for Zenescope in the past. However, the collaboration aspect is certainly apparent, and if you are a fan of Finch’s past work — whether it be on “Forever Evil” or even back on his critically acclaimed run from “Moon Knight” — the prospects of this run are certainly potentially optimistic.

    In fact, in the interview Meredith Finch speaks mainly towards the 1970’s show starring Lynda Carter, stating that the role-model angle of Wonder Woman is something that they want to explore quite a bit. And you know what? That’s absolutely great.

    “Wonder Woman” by Azzarello and Chiang will end in October with #35. “Wonder Woman” by the Finches will begin in November with #36.

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