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    Mignolaversity News Update – August 2017

    By | August 16th, 2017
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    Welcome to Mignolaversity News Update, your monthly recap of all the Mignolaverse-related news from the past month. The November solicitations for Mike Mignola’s titles were spread out over three sites (Freaksugar, 13th Dimension, and The Hollywood Reporter), so let’s kick things off with them altogether… (Please note, if you aren’t up to date with “B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth,” the solicitation for “B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know” #4 has a major spoiler.)

    HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: 1955

    Written by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson
    Illustrated by Brian Churilla
    Color by Dave Stewart

    On sale November 8, 2017
    Full color, 32 pages

    The BPRD agents are surprised to find a familiar enemy involved with the island attacks, and Bruttenholm digs deep to uncover the truth behind an international supernatural conflict and the BPRD’s role in it.
    • Brian Churilla returns for more Hellboy and the BPRD!

    “The art by Brian Churilla was a real shining star. Not only because of his ability to use artistic metaphors, but in his ability to capture Hellboy in his art.” —Bounding into Comics

    JENNY FINN #1 (of 4)

    Written by Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey
    Illustrated by Troy Nixey
    Color by Dave Stewart

    On sale November 15, 2017
    Full color, 32 pages

    London’s dockside is threatened by the twin terrors of a plague that leaves bodies covered in tentacles and a slasher killing women in the night, all of which began after the arrival of a strange young girl who is followed by whispers of doom wherever she goes.
    • Mike Mignola and Troy Nixey’s acclaimed series!
    • Colored for the first time by nine-time Eisner Award-winner Dave Stewart!

    “Filled with its creator’s trademark spirit mediums, ghastly tentacles, and general all-around weirdness… good, creepy stuff.” —Booklist


    Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie
    Illustrated by Laurence Campbell
    Color by Dave Stewart

    On sale November 29, 2017
    Full color, 32 pages

    Exorcist Ashley Strode directs the BPRD toward a deadly cult leader while Fenix pushes for a return to the site of Kate’s death.

    Good vs Evil in the early days of WWII!

    Variant cover by Mike Mignola

    Written by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson
    Illustrated by Christopher Mitten
    Color by Dave Stewart

    On sale November 15, 2017
    Full color, 32 pages

    A conspiracy involving the Third Reich and a dead member of a sinister secret society sets Professor Bruttenholm on his first mission—to find the man who’d soon bring Hellboy to earth.

    The mad Russian sorcerer Rasputin had been thought dead since 1916, when a group of noblemen sought to end his influence over the tsar. Now Rasputin works with the most twisted members of Hitler’s inner circle, and he’s about to cross paths with the man who’ll go on to found the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.

    And a trade…

    HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D.: 1954

    Written by Mike Mignola and Chris Roberson
    Illustrated by Stephen Green, Patric Reynolds, Brian Churilla, and Richard Corben
    Color by Dave Stewart

    On sale January 10, 2018
    Full color, 32 pages

    No longer a rookie, Hellboy joins other Bureau agents in a series of far-flung mysteries that take them searching for yetis terrorizing an Arctic research team, into the American suburbs where a family is haunted by a phantom monkey, and to a Hong Kong showdown with demons drawn to a Chinese artifact.

    iZombie co-creator Chris Roberson teams with Mike Mignola and a group of artists to uncover the horror and intrigue of a growing occult Cold War. Mignola also reunites with legendary artist Richard Corben for the short story “The Mirror.”

    Collects Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1954 #1–#5 and “Hellboy: The Mirror” from Free Comic Book Day 2016.

    “… a satisfying tale of suburban ghosts with a suitably dark twist.” —IGN

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    Now, on to the news…

    The Hollywood Reporter has a five-page preview of “Rasputin: The Voice of the Dragon” #1, giving us our first look at Christopher Mitten’s work on the series. After his phenomenal work on “Rise of the Black Flame,” I have very high hopes for this one.

    • In movie news, Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen will simply be titled Hellboy so that it doesn’t seem like a sequel to Guillermo del Toro’s films. Also, there’s been some casting announcements: Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, Ian McShane as Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, and Milla Jovovich as the Blood Queen. David Harbour talked to Movie Pilot about Hellboy‘s R rating and to Comicbook.com about why he loves Hellboy more than any other comic hero.

    Joshua Dysart sat down with Mike Mignola for an interesting chat about ending Hellboy and his year of painting. This is one of the best interviews I’ve seen with Mike Mignola. It’s excellent.

    In an interview with The Verge, Mike Mignola discussed the future of the Hellboy Universe in comics form, and the potential for the film reboot to launch a cinematic universe.

    • Mike Mignola spoke to Newsarama about the ultimate end of “B.P.R.D.” (Don’t worry. It’s a while off yet.) and the film reboot.

    BiTS talked to Mike Mignola about his influences.

    Impulse Gamer talked to artist Laurence Campbell about his work on “B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know.”

    Hellboy: An Assortment of Horrors is out today, and Paste Magazine has Christopher Golden’s introduction from the book up on their site.

    Golden also spoke to Cemetary Dance about his prose works for the Hellboy Universe.

    • There was lots of cool art this month, but before we get to that, here’s an awesome piece from Tonci Zonjic I missed back in June.

    Comicon.com has a look at Gary Gianni’s art from “Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea.”

    Duncan Fegredo had a piece up for sale on his site, but it sold fast.

    He also shared his process for the cover of “B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know” #3.

    Tyler Crook did an awesome commission of Abe Sapien and Captain Ben Daimio.

    And finally, here’s a look at Mike Mignola’s cover for the “Jenny Finn” hardcover coming in June 2018:

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