“Mister Miracle” is the Next Kirby Creation to Get His Own Artist’s Edition

By | November 4th, 2014
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Much to our excitement, IDW is giving “Mister Miracle” the Artist’s Edition treatment. After “Jack Kirby New Gods: Artist’s Editon” was released to great acclaim earlier this year, it was obvious that Kirby disciples would be clamoring for more of his Fourth World creations in all their oversized glory.

For those not familiar with Mister Miracle, he was an escape artist and son of New Genesis’ Highfather who was given to Apokolips’ evil Darkseid in order to quell dissent between the two warring factions. He grew up believing himself the heir of evil and eventually fought for good alongside Big Barda. Many adventures ensued and, despite Kirby’s short run with his characters, the Fourth World denizens never went away. You can look to DC’s “The New 52: Futures End” and “Earth 2: World’s End” weekly series to see their continued influence.

IDW’s press release quotes author Kirby historian Mark Evanier as saying that the legendary writer/artist was probably the happiest when he was creating stories and art for a character that held many autobiographical elements for Kirby. With seven of “Mister Miracle”‘s issues comprising the contents of this new release, IDW special projects director Scott Dunbier says we will find out why Kirby was called “King Kirby”! I personally can’t wait to see Kirby’s artistic process in the creation of his magic.

This news is an extra exciting dollop of good news to add to last week’s long-awaited bestowing of recognition to Kirby as co-creator of various iconic Marvel titles.

For the full press release from IDW, please see below.

IDW Press Release

Legendary creator Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, his revered multi-generational space opera, debuted in the award-winning Artist’s Edition format earlier this year with Jack Kirby New Gods: Artist’s Edition. IDW Publishing is now proud to announce a second title in this monumental series, Jack Kirby: Mister Miracle Artist’s Edition! Meticulously scanned from the original art, this Artist’s Edition presents the highest quality look inside an astonishing work by a comic legend. The Fourth World introduced a whole new pantheon into the DC Comics universe, igniting a fervor that continues to define storytelling in comics.

Inspired by the antics of fellow creator Jim Steranko, who spent some of his early years working as an escape artist and illusionist, Kirby created Mister Miracle in 1971 when he debuted in his own title, one of the four core books of the Fourth World epic. And while the original run lasted a mere 18 issues, the character has reappeared numerous times over the years, and the magic of those first Kirby stories continues to reverberate among creators and fans to this day.

“Jack may never have been creatively happier than when he was writing and drawing MISTER MIRACLE,” said Mark Evanier, Eisner award-winning author of Kirby: King of Comics. “There were so many autobiographical aspects to it, starting with his own feelings and fantasies of ‘escaping’ from some of the shackles of the comic book industry, as well as the way the Scott Free/Big Barda relationship mirrored aspects of his own long and loving relationship with his life partner, Roz. You can feel Jack bursting free, like Mister Miracle escaping a trap, on every page.”

IDW’s Special Projects Director Scott Dunbier has assembled a staggering seven complete issues of the series by Kirby, including issues #2, #3, and #5-9! With 192 pages measuring 12” x 17”, this is truly a book to behold! “The wealth of huge ideas and stunning visuals that poured from Jack Kirby’s mind is just staggering,” said Dunbier, “You want to find out why he’s called King Kirby? Get this book!”

Kirby’s unrivaled vision can’t be missed in this unrivaled Artist’s Edition!

AN ARTIST’S EDITION PRESENTS COMPLETE STORIES WITH EACH PAGE SCANNED FROM THE ACTUAL ORIGINAL ART. While appearing to be in black and white, each page was scanned in color to mimic as closely as possible the experience of viewing the actual original art—for instance, corrections and blue pencils. Each page is printed the same size as drawn, and the paper selected is as close as possible to the original art board.

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