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    More DC/Looney Tunes Crossovers Coming in August

    By | May 17th, 2018
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    After the success of last year’s DC/Looney Tunes crossover comics, including Tom King and Lee Weeks’s “Batman/Elmer Fudd” (which we voted the single best issue of 2017), DC have announced another four crossover specials. Without further ado, here are the solicitations for the comics, which will each cost $4.99, and be released on August 29:


    Written by GAIL SIMONE, with art by INAKI MIRANDA

    Backup story written by SHEA FONTANA, with art by WALTER CARZON


    In his relentless pursuit of Tweety, Sylvester suddenly finds himself with a new, human ally—Catwoman! Tweety then realizes that he’s going to need some help too, and recruits a super-hero of his own, Black Canary! It isn’t long before the scale of the conflict begins to get out of control and suddenly there’s a full-scale war between cats and birds that threatens to take over all of Gotham.


    Written by JIMMY PALMIOTTI and AMANDA CONNER, with art by PIER BRITO

    Backup story written by SHOLLY FISCH, with art by DAVE ALVAREZ

    Cover by AMANDA CONNER

    A violent storm leaves a large crate washed up on the beach at Coney Island. When Harley breaks it open to see what’s inside, she suddenly has a new playmate to add to her cast of friends—a large, furry, orange beast called Gossamer. It’s all fun and games until a giant robot attacks them. But who sent it? Harley immediately suspects only one man, but is it really The Joker behind this destructive rampage?


    Written by SCOTT LOBDELL, with art and cover by BRETT BOOTH and NORM RAPMUND

    Backup story written by JOEY CAVALIERI, with art by LUCIANO VECCHIO

    When Daffy Duck pays a call to the Acme corporate headquarters in Gotham City, he finds the company long gone and their abandoned building now occupied by The Joker. With a hit in progress, Daffy tries to sneak away, only to find himself in the clutches of the Clown Prince of Crime. But Joker decides that there’s some potential in this manic bird and forces Daffy to join his gang. Will he find a way to escape…or will he become The Joker’s new right-hand duck?


    Written by MARK RUSSELL, with art by BRAD WALKER and ANDREW HENNESSY

    Backup story written by JIM FANNING, with art by JOHN LOTER

    Cover by BEN OLIVER

    Facing financial and personal ruin, a desperate Porky Pig applies for and gets and entry-level position with LexCorp. Grateful to his new benefactor, Porky becomes Luthor’s most loyal employee and defender. But when a major scandal breaks in the news and Lex is called before a Congressional Committee, guess who is about to be offered up as the sacrificial pig?

    Christopher Chiu-Tabet

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