Morning Glories #24 Delayed, Season One Set For Epic Two-Part Finale

By | January 10th, 2013
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So, “Morning Glories” #24, the next issue in the series, has been delayed from its arrival in stores next week. I’m bummed too. But only for just by a little bit. Why? Because things are about to get quite explosive.

The plan for “Morning Glories” was to be broken up by 25-issue “seasons.” With the 25th issue coming up, this marks the end of season one, and as such, it appears that the story has gotten so big that the team has had to delay release of issue #24 due to it being part one of the huge two-part season finale. #24 is now scheduled to be 44-pages long at $3.99 and released on February 6th. Issue #25 is also double-sized at $3.99, and will mark the end of the first season.

Following this, issue #26 will come out for a dollar after the release of the fourth trade, with the hope that fans who have read the first four trades will hop into the series for the second season of the book. Issue #27 will mark the “start” of season two, and will also be double-sized, because Nick and Joe and the whole team want to stuff you full of comic.

Spencer also teased in the latest Morning Glory Days at CBR that there are plans for variants and other fun special extras for those who pick up the single issues for the second season as extra incentive. Who is doing variants and what else might come with the comic is unknown, but the point seems to be that season two is going to up the ante both in terms of content and presentation to help justify why you should be picking it up in its episodic format. As if you needed extra reason.

“What are you waiting for, then?” as my mother used to say to me when I didn’t come to dinner on time. “A special invitation? Because you just got one.”

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