Movie Round Up – February 22nd through February 26th

By | February 27th, 2010
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Another week, another set of movie news! There’s some neat stuff in here, including a tiny little bit about a certain scarlet speedster we all know and love. And of course, a generous helping of Mark Millar links to amuse and delight children of all ages.

However, I really have no witty repertoire for this week’s intro, so instead I will just cut to the chase and allow you access to all the sites and sounds of the internet.


  • MTV posts some of Geoff Johns’ tweets from his Green Lantern set visit.
  • Don Cheadle discusses Iron Man 2 and the excitement behind the upcoming sequel.
  • Lieve Schreiber hopes there is a place for him in Wolverine 2. He concedes that this isn’t likely.
  • Bruce Timm discusses Crisis On Two Earths, Under the Hood, and a possible Green Arrow animated movie over at Comic Book Resources.
  • Splash Page gives you a review of Brian K Vaughan’s leaked Y: the Last Man script. For the record, it’s more polite than mine.
  • In an interview with Film Reviews 2 Go, an actress you’ve never heard of named Anya Monzikova talks about her role in Iron Man 2, as well as spills the beans on some of the finer details.
  • In a video chat with MTV, amazing actor Jon Hamm talks about the possibility of him playing a superhero. I’d rather see him as a villain!
  • The top 5 candidates for Captain America have been revealed, and they are odd to say the least. For more on that, see David’s write up.
  • DC may have a director for the Flash, according to IESB. Who is it? Greg Berlanti. Why does his name matter? Because he wrote the Green Lantern adaptation with Marc Guggenheim! In fact, he was slated to direct Green Lantern before Campbell took over. Add to the fact that Geoff Johns has worked heavily on the Flash movie, and it looks like this could turn out great.
  • There is some concept art for the animated Thor: Tales of Asgard online now. It looks ok. Not too excited about it, but I’m sure I will be soon.
  • Supposedly, David S. Goyer is writing a Superman movie. The news on this one is a bit muddled, but Ain’t It Cool News say that he’s probably doing it and it’s probably called Man of Steel. And Mark Millar approves.
  • Some early reviews of Scott Pilgrim vs The World have appeared online. General consensus? It’s awesome. I’m excited.
  • Mark Millar talks to IGN about American Jesus: the movie. Will we see it anytime soon? No. But then again, isn’t that the case for the comic?
  • Angelina Jolie has decided not to do Wanted 2, and now it’s probably not going to happen. You know how many people are upset? None.

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