Nate Edmondson Announces Jake Ellis Sequel

By | January 31st, 2012
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During is Reddit AMA, writer Nate Edmondson promised an exclusive tease for those reading, and today he snuck it online.

Fans of Who is Jake Ellis? have been waiting quite diligently for a sequel, and to that, Edmondson provides a simple link to a flash animation. The major tease in it is that the question is not “when” (will it be released), but “where” — assumedly meaning that the sequel to Who Is… is Where Is Jake Ellis?, coming sometime in 2012 (assumedly when Zonjic is done with his Lobster Johnson mini work).

We had reported some time ago that Edmondson and Zonjic had planned to have Jake Ellis be a multi-part story for some time, with a planned fifteen issues for the entire saga. One could assumedly expect, considering the first Jake Ellis book was five issues, that there are two more five-issue minis on the way for the story of Jake Ellis.

We’ll let you know more on the Jake Ellis sequel When Is Jake Ellis? as soon as we find it, but for now be sure to check out the flash animation for the tease.

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