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    C2E2 ’19: Marvel Announce New “Death’s Head” Series from Tini Howard and Kei Zama [UPDATED]

    By | March 24th, 2019
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    Marvel Comics took to the “Women of Marvel” panel at C2E2 to announce a new series called “Death’s Head.” The series will be written by Tini Howard (“Age of Conan: Belit) and penciled by Kei Zama (“Scarlet Witch”).

    Photo Courtesy of Ryan Penagos

    There are no plot details available at this time, but, thanks to a tweet from Marvel New Media Vice President Ryan Penagos, we know the book will also feature the characters of Hulkling and Wiccan. The cover for issue #1 is by Nick Roche (“Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows”).

    The character of Death’s Head was created by Simon Furman and Geoff Senior for Marvel UK and debuted in a single-page comic strip called “High Noon Tex” before making regular appearances in the “Transformers” comics. He received his own ongoing series in the late 1980s. The character is a robotic bounty hunter and has appeared most recently in the”Infinity Wars” event.

    It was also announced at the panel that writer Tini Howard has signed an exclusive contract with Marvel. Howard began writing for Marvel Comics in 2018 with an annual issue of “Captain America.” She is also known for her independent work with books like “The Skeptics.” Artist Kei Zama is most well known for her work on modern “Transformers” books like “Optimus Prime.”

    “Death’s Head” #1 is slated for a release this coming July.

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