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    New Executives of DC Entertainment Have Been Named

    By | February 18th, 2010
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    Article originally written by Jordan Jennings

    Well folks, DC has finally announced the executives of the newly formed DC Entertainment division. The sole role of the division is to help integrate the DC Comics brand into Warner Bros. properties in various media outlets such as feature films, television, direct to dvd movies, etc. The new executives are as follows

    Jim Lee and  Dan Didio as Co-publishers of DC comics
    Geoff Johns as Chief Creative Officer
    John Rood as EVP, Sales, Marketing and Business Development
    Patrick Caldon Named EVP, Finance and Administration

    This is obviously a major shake up for DC. The current question on my mind, and I am sure several others, is “Is DiDio still Executive Editor of DC comics?” No word has been said about it and one has to assume that he is still in control. Though, with Johns in control of Creative departments, I think he will control the direction of the company and transition it to a Brighter Day (yeah, I had to make the joke.). Maybe Johns can finally fix the mess that is Justice League right now.  Oh well this news is massive and the potential behind it is mind boggling. Stay tuned for any further announcements if they should arise (and they most likely will).

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