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    New Namor Ongoing Launching in August

    By | May 13th, 2010
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    For all of you Namor, the Sub-Mariner fans out there who have been clamoring for a series about the most headstrong character in the history of comics, Marvel has an announcement for you today: there will be a new series titled Namor: The First Mutant launching in August. This series will tie directly into the Victor Gischler X-Men series and their “Curse of the Mutants” arc that finds vampires hunting mutants, and will be handled by writer Stuart Moore (Firestorm, Iron Man: Director of SHIELD) and by artist Ariel Olivetti (Cable, Punisher: War Journal).

    I can’t write about this without mentioning this little snippet from Marvel’s write up:

    Namor may be able to end the vampire threat, but is he willing to sacrifice Atlantis? And what can stop the threat of…the Atlantean vampires?

    Anything but Atlantean vampires! I’ve long heard that they are the worst of all vampires! Heavens no!

    The good news is it will also feature covers from the phenomenally talented Jae Lee and one from Marvel EIC Joe Quesada, so there is some upside there if you’re thinking about picking this book up.

    David Harper

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