NYCC 2013: Superboy Goes To Comic Book Heaven (Which Is Really More Like A Waiting Room)

During the DC Comics Superman panel at New York Comic Con, writer Scott Lobdell let it slip that Superboy would meet his demise in November at the end of “Krypton Returns” crossover. Lobdell, regular author of “Superman” and mastermind of the current crossover, said that the young hero would make “the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life in order to stop the universe from falling apart”.

The solicitation for “Superman” #25 supports this announcement, proclaiming: “KRYPTON RETURNS concludes! Months before its explosion, Superman finds himself locked in combat against H’El! Can he find a way to save the planet? A most unexpected foe stands in his path: Jor-El! A hero will fall during this epic adventure!

The current incarnation of Superboy was given a rebooted origin in the New 52, and is now a clone made from the DNA of Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The character’s struggle with his duel nature as part Kryptonian and part human has been a major focal point of the series. DC, never one to let the story stand in the way of publishing another book, then announced that the “Superboy” series would switch its focus to Jon Lane Kent, the son of Clark and Lois from an alternate future, who suddenly arrives in the present of the DC Universe.

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