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    “Outpost Zero,” a YA Sci-Fi Comic From Skybound Entertainment

    By | April 12th, 2018
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    Image Comics imprint Skybound Entertainment have announced their first young adult series, “Outpost Zero,” a new science-fiction comic written by Sean McKeever (“Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane”), with art by French newcomer Alexandre Tefenkgi, and colorist Jean-Francois Beaulieu (“Invincible,” “Kill the Minotaur”).

    The comic follows young Alea and her friends in the titular Outpost Zero, a domed city on a frozen planet that is otherwise inhospitable to human life. Life is pretty humdrum in the universe’s smallest city, when something begins to stir in “the Frost” beyond. Here’s the solicitation, courtesy of Paste magazine:

    “Outpost Zero”
    Writer/Creator: Sean Kelley McKeever
    Artist/Creator: Alexandre Tefenkgi
    Colorist: Jean-Francois Beaulieu
    Letterer: Ariana Maher
    Editor: Sean Mackiewicz
    Associate Editor: Arielle Basich

    Welcome to Outpost Zero: the smallest town in the universe. The people there work the land, go to the fights every Friday night and tuck their children into bed… but the Outpost is no place for dreams. No place for aspirations. To survive is ambitious enough. As Alea and her friends graduate to adulthood under the artificial sky of a faulty biome on a frozen world never meant to support human life… something stirs. Something sees.

    Explore the mysteries and wonder of the Frost in this oversized debut issue by Eisner-winner Sean Kelley McKeever, Alexandre Tefenkgi and Eisner-nominated Jean-Francois Beaulieu.

    Head on over to Paste for more artwork, and to Image Comics for the press release, including McKeever and Tefenkgi’s thoughts on the comic. “Outpost Zero” #1 is out July 11.

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