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    Paul Jenkins To Pen Two-Issue Arc On Stormwatch, Cornell Leaves (UPDATED)

    By | December 7th, 2011
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    Update: Paul Cornell has since confirmed that issue #6 will be his last issue of Stormwatch on Twitter.

    Over at the DC blog The Source, it was announced that with March’s seventh issue of Stormwatch, Paul Jenkins (writer of Batman: The Dark Knight) would be penning a two-issue arc in place of series writer Paul Cornell. As DC shares, “When a scientific experiment tears a hole in the barrier between dimensions, miners from a forbidden universe arrive to steal Earth’s gravity! Can Stormwatch–with their ranks depleted after recent cataclysmic events–find a way to repel alien excavators that shred our reality with every touch? … (It’s) the last stand of humanity or, as Stormwatch calls it, ‘Monday.'”

    Of course, this raises one giant question — what about Paul Cornell? DC is certainlly being fairly indescriminate when it comes to replacing creative teams for various reasons, but this isn’t a specific announcement to say Paul Cornell is not writing Stormwatch any longer either. It’s highly possible he just needed a quick break from the title for any number of reasons, and he could be back with issue #9. …but what if he’s not? At most, Paul Cornell has simply said “Please welcome, everyone, Paul Jenkins, who’ll be writing Stormwatch 7 and 8.”

    There’s no reason to assume anything sinister, but with Tom DeFalco replacing Fabian Nicieza on Legion Lost and Joe Harris replacing Gail Simone on Firestorm, this could be a new entry into the ever-growing list of shake-ups from the DCnU creative line-up. I would certainly hope not as the more Paul Cornell the better, but keep your ears to the ground regardless.

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