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    Percy and Mooneyham Bring New Blüd to “Nightwing” with May’s Issue 44

    By | February 20th, 2018
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    This May, writer Benjamin Percy (“Green Arrow,” “Teen Titans”) and artist Christopher Mooneyham (“Five Ghosts,” “Planet of the Apes: Ursus”) will electrify the original Boy Wonder’s world, as they take over DC’s ongoing “Nightwing” series.

    “The best way to approach ‘Nightwing’ is as a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled mystery and adventure,” said Percy, in a DC press release announcing the run. “I’m going to crank up the volume on that world, dose it full of steroids and poison, and dream up a digital nightmare that will ultimately impact the entire DCU.”

    Percy and Mooneyham’s run will start with a story in which Nightwing’s “off-the-radar status” uniquely qualifies him to investigate Blüdhaven’s transformation into an augmented-reality-esque utopia. As the story unfolds, Dick Grayson will face a technologically-adept antagonist whose inability to let go of the past contrasts with the superhero’s upbeat attitude.

    “One of the things I love about Nightwing is his irrepressible optimism,” said Percy. “This joy-a love of the game, a showman’s theatricality-is tonally essential to my approach.”

    Declan Shalvey (“Moon Knight,” “Injection”) will provide main covers for the run, while Yasmine Putri (“Hellblazer,” “Starbrand and Nightmask”) will continue providing variants. Currently unknown is whether Guppy, the character find of 2018, will make his way into the new run (or even survive his stay in Sam Humphries’s current story). We’ll hopefully find out on May 2, when “Nightwing” #44 lands in stores.

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