NYCC ’19: Berger Books Launches New Peter Milligan Miniseries “Tomorrow” and Reissues “Enigma”

By | October 4th, 2019
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Cover by Hervás and Devlin reports Peter Milligan is teaming up with the Dark Horse Comics imprint, Berger Books, to publish a new miniseries, “Tomorrow,” and a reprint of his 1993 Vertigo classic “Enigma.”

“Tomorrow” is a five-issue miniseries described as a “technological thriller” set in a world where a Russian computer virus wipes out most of the adult population. The story centers on a young musical prodigy named Oscar Fuentes and his journey to find his twin sister, Cira, as he travels the rapidly changing society of teenage groups-turned-gangs. Milligan will be joined by artist Jesús Hervás and colorist James Devlin. The first issue of the series is set to be released February 26, 2020.

The reprint of “Enigma” will be receiving a hardcover collection from Dark Horse. Editor Karen Berger said “I’m thrilled to be publishing this brilliant seminal work of one of Vertigo’s key launch titles, which was ahead of its time and inspirational to many. It’s long overdue for ‘Enigma’ to be presented in the fashion that it deserves.”

“Enigma” was originally published by the DC Comics imprint, Vertigo, in 1993 near the beginning of the imprint’s launch. The eight-issue series was both a meta-commentary on superhero comics and an exploration of sexuality focusing on the relationship between Michael, an out-of-luck man in his late twenties, and Enigma, Michael’s favorite comic book character seemingly brought to life. “Enigma” was written by Peter Milligan with art by Duncan Fegredo, colors by Sherilyn Van Valkenburgh, letters by John Costanza, and edited by Art Young.

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