Phil Noto Joins The Thunderbolts

As shown on IGN, it looks like Phil Noto is taking over “Thunderbolts” from artist Steve Dillon in March for what appears to be some sort of lovely kissing-based issue. Isn’t that sweet? And it just missed Valentine’s Day.

Not sure if Noto is taking over for Dillon permanently or if this is just a guest/fill-in situation, but who cares? Phil Noto is awesome. We’ll read the heck out of that.

Also not sure if it is a good idea for a ninja assassin to hook-up with a sociopathic vigilante, but hey, it’s comics.

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User's Comments
  • Patrick

    I feel like I can hear Greg Rucka cursing all the way from his house to here on the east coast (for me), I can imagine this cover completely goes against everything he set up in his Punisher run about who Frank Castle is. Nevertheless the cover has me intrigued, and Phil Noto art is definitely worth checking out.

    • David Harper

      At this point, I think we’re better off assuming writers mostly don’t pay attention to each other’s work. Letting everything stand by itself, Way’s Thunderbolts has been surprisingly fun. It’s not high brow by any means, but it’s a good time in superhero comics.

      • Patrick

        Oh yeah – there is definitely a high level of fun to the new Thunderbolts book. I’m a bit…I guess the best word is picky when it comes to my interpretations of the Punisher. I thought both Remender and Rucka have done great job. But overall the book is a fun time.

  • IndigoMX9

    A lot of people had liked the idea of the characters coming together for the new Thunderbolts, but were turned off by the creative team. Dillon’s art was OK, his work on Preacher was good, but word on the street is that he draws Jessie Custer’s (Preacher) face on all the characters. :(

    • Matthew Meylikhov

      That’s.. well, that’s kind of just his style. I hope that doesn’t sound like ignoring criticism because I get it, but Steve Dillon’s faces are very much STEVE DILLON FACES, and they all happen to look like the characters in Preacher. Doesn’t stop him from being an A+ artist though.

    • Patrick

      I always saw Dillon as sort of having a great “slapstick” type of style when it came to drawing characters like the Punisher and his work in Preacher. While Preacher definitely had the series tones and themes behind the writing. I also always got a sense of slapstick, dark humor to his art which I’ve always loved.

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