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    Pop! Goes the Icon’s Spring and Summer Lineup Sizzles

    By | April 29th, 2010
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    New issues of Omega Comics Presents and The Utopian coming in May and June

    As the weather rapidly warms up, new talent and unexpected twists help fuel the fire in the latest releases from Las Vegas’ premiere independent comic book publisher, Pop! Goes the Icon.

    In May, the third print collection of Pj Perez’s webcomic serial, The Utopian, hits stores and mailboxes. Following the Utopian’s very public fight with Nate Aguila, James Douglas is missing! And Michelle Matterson’s looking for him. Where is James? Not even he knows, as he endures a life-altering experience that will leave readers — and James himself — with more questions than answers. This full-color comic features a new cover by Hernan Valencia and new interior art by Perez, all for $5.

    A month later, on June 9, the second issue of PGTI’s quarterly anthology series, Omega Comics Presents, finally arrives, featuring four all-new stories from an international host of rising talent. Leading off with the second chapter of Perez’s espionage-action epic, “Omega,” Omega Comics Presents No. 2 also features the moody, crime-gone-wrong cautionary tale “Greedy,” by Russell Lissau (The Batman Strikes!) and mpMann, “Highway Patrol” by Glenn Arseneau and Andy Gray, which introduces the mystical character Greyman, and gag strip “Door to Door,” by Dino Caruso and Andy Gray. Presented in gritty black-and-white, wrapped in a dazzling cover by Perez and colorist Stephen Downer (The Brave and the Bold, World’s Finest), Omega Comics Presents No. 2 is only $3.99.

    Vegas-area readers who want to pick up the first issue of Omega Comics Presents are encouraged to visit Alternate Reality Comics, Comic Oasis or MaximuM Comics on Free Comic Book Day, May 1, to get their free copy.

    Perez will be appearing at First Friday Las Vegas on May 7 with copies of The Utopian to sell and sign. Lissau will have copies to sell and sign of Omega Comics Presents No. 2 at Chicago’s Cyphan convention from June 25 to 27.

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