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    Preview Some Anamanaguchi From Scott Pilgrim vs the World

    By | July 30th, 2010
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    By now you’ve probably heard me rant and rave about how awesome the chiptune band Anamanaguchi is. You’ve also probably seen me nerd out about their announcement in doing the Scott Pilgrim videogame soundtrack at Comic Con. If you didn’t want to believe me about their awesomeness then, you can certainly start now!

    Playstations blog has posted previews of four tracks from the upcoming soundtrack to the videogame. You don’t get to hear the whole thing, but you will get a feel for how awesomely perfect the soundtrack will be to this game. The game serves as a recreation of classic 8-bit feel that we had with games like Super Mario and Sonic, and seeing as Scott Pilgrim paid tribute to those games throughout it’s existence, a videogame in that style is perfect. Thank the videogame gods for Anamanaguchi then!

    Scott Pilgrim vs the Universe (the game) comes out August 10th on the PS3 and will be out soon after on the XBOX 360 as well. Gamers, get your controllers ready.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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