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Mignola and Greg Hinkle to Collaborate on “Radio Spaceman”

By | December 16th, 2021
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Cover by Mignola

In an interview with Polygon, Mike Mignola has revealed he will write “Radio Spaceman,” a two-part miniseries featuring Greg Hinkle on art, Dave Stewart on colors, and Clem Robins on lettering. The main character is a floating skull inside a space suit, whom Mignola created for the charity sketches he drew during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mignola describes Radio Spaceman as “basically just a [mute] puppet. Does he have a personality? I’m not sure. He’s only shown a trace of personality [in] the first issue, and I don’t know if that will develop more in the second issue.” He was similarly vague on the story, but said “it’s a visual-oriented book. It’s like an escalating situation of dropping a guy to a planet and then there’s this incident that leads to this thing, which leads to this bigger thing, and it culminates in basically a gigantic explosion. I actually don’t think it has an explosion, but it probably has explosions. I can’t remember.”

He commented artist Greg Hinkle “did this book some years back, ‘Airboy,’ which I loved. I never thought about working with him because I assumed he’s so great, he’s always gonna be busy with his own stuff. And I met him at a convention, and I was like, ‘Well, if you ever want to do something…’ and he was like, ‘Well, yeah, I’d love to.’ So, I thought about having him write something in the Hellboy world, and when this thing popped up, I’d probably have played with the idea of drawing it myself, but then I thought, well, there’s Greg Hinkle.”

As for whether the book could be lead to more series, Mignola said, “The last thing I want is another gigantic universe to deal with; I’m still still dealing with the Hellboy universe that I started, you know, 28 years ago. So these things now are meant to just be this kind of fun, odd little thing.”

The first issue of “Radio Spaceman” will be published by Dark Horse Comics on March 2, 2022. For more from Mignola in the meantime, head to Polygon.

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