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    Rosenberg and Land to Take Over “Astonishing X-Men”

    By | April 13th, 2018
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    Hot off the heels of his successful “Phoenix Resurrection” mini-series, writer Matthew Rosenberg announced that he and artist Greg Land will be the new creative team on Marvel’s “Astonishing X-Men,” starting with July’s issue 13.

    According to Rosenberg, current “Astonishing” writer Charles Soule will wrap up his ongoing storylines in June’s issue 12. Then, Rosenberg and Land will step in with an all-new lineup and direction that includes classic characters but pushes toward the future.

    “For those wondering our team is Havok and Beast as co-leaders. Dazzler brings the firepower. Colossus brings the muscle. Warpath brings the knives,” said Rosenberg, further along in the Twitter thread announcing his “Astonishing” run. “And *maybe* there is another team member we aren’t talking about yet? And no, I won’t spoil it.”

    Between “Phoenix Resurrection,” “New Mutants: Dead Souls,” “Multiple Man,” and now “Astonishing X-Men,” Rosenberg seems to have firmly planted himself within the X-Men universe, a position the writer describes as a dream come true.

    “Saying ‘getting to write X-Men is a lifelong dream come true’ sounds cliche but I don’t know how else to describe it,” said Rosenberg. “I learned to read with X-Men comics. I survived tough times growing up through X-Men comics … and X-Men comics made me want to write comics.”

    It’s unknown whether Land is also on the book for the longterm, or whether he’ll join the crop of frequently rotating artists that have defined this volume of “Astonishing.” We’ll likely learn more when Marvel drops its full July solicits later this month.

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