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    Rumor Mill #2: The Savage Wolverine And More Relaunches

    By | September 6th, 2012
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    Yesterday we ran a piece on upcoming Marvel NOW! books, with a few claims. We named Dennis Hopeless as the writer of “X-Force” (something that would make sense with today’s announcement, although we named a different artist), made claims about upcoming Cosmic books and also mentioned that a “Young Avengers” book by Gillen with Kid Loki would be happening. Hopeless being named on what could conceivably be an “X-Force” book gives our anonymous source some credibility — which makes me believe that a Gillen-penned “YA” book is almost assuredly on the horizon.

    But speaking of anonymous sources, today we add an additional book to our list of Books That Haven’t Been Announced That Will Be Part Of Marvel NOW!: “The Savage Wolverine,” by one Frank Cho. Oh, sure, this is something Bleeding Cool has been teasing, but I don’t believe Rich has mentioned the term “Savage” anywhere yet — and in the game of rumors, you post or you die. Expect a “Savage” teaser from Marvel sometime soon.

    Oh — and hey. Doesn’t the term “Savage” correlate to something in the Marvel Universe? Something about a place, or a land perhaps?

    Although, speaking of Wolverine, what is going on with “Uncanny X-Men” missing from solicits after issue #20? I wonder if that has anything to do with anything. It’s practically begging for a relaunch, isn’t it?

    And speaking of relaunches, you almost wonder — Spider-Man is about to hit #700. If Marvel is really going to capitalize on the relaunch business, maybe Spider-Man is up for a relaunch of his own. Now that Spidey has a sidekick, maybe some kind of re-brand is in the works.

    We’ll let you know more as we hear of it.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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