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    Sam And Twitch TV Series Being Planned?

    By | June 22nd, 2010
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    Recently, Todd McFarlane had a nice talk with the folks at CBR about himself and his future plans for the Spawn-universe. It has been no great secret that McFarlane has always wanted to bring back Spawn to television and film, but now it appears that Sam and Twitch could possibly be his next endeavor.

    According to McFarlane, he is working with an unnamed producer pitching the show to various studios. It’ll be an hour-long cop drama with dark humor as the characters are known for in their stories. However it won’t be fairly supernatural in nature (namedropping X-Files as something not to expect the show to be. As McFarlane says about the characters,

    Twitch, more than Sam, sort of understands that there are odd things in New York that come as a byproduct of the melting pot. Everybody brings their culture and their beliefs and their superstitions with them, so part of their job is to wade through what’s fact and what’s fiction, because people get worked up over things. Every now and then, the stuff that they come across is inexplicable. But Twitch, to me, is the kid from ‘The Sixth Sense,’ now grown up. He’s now an adult and has to deal with seeing things off and on his whole life, so now he sort of understands it. Sam still doesn’t quite go for the ride, but because he has so much respect for Twitch, he’ll trust Twitch when he says, ‘I’m telling you something.’

    Cop shows are quite a big, with a large number of networks hopping on this trend. However, if McFarlane could bring these characters to the screen, it could be a lot of fun. As an additional note and wishful thinking, it could be pretty awesome if McFarlane brought Bendis in on this. Those in the know probably remember that Bendis wrote the first Sam and Twitch spin-off title for Image, which you can currently find in trade. A McFarlane produced show with Bendis writing an episode or two on HBO (perhaps) could almost certainly be a smash hit, and if it’s in a grittier X-Files fashion I can imagine that a lot of people could get into it.

    While this is all speculation and nothing is set in stone anywhere, it could be interesting to see this come to fruition. Keep your ears open just in case this does happen, or perhaps a revival of Spawn.

    Matthew Meylikhov

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