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    Sam Humphries Lets Slip A Few Details On SACRIFICE

    By | November 29th, 2011
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    If the name Sam Humphries sounds familiar to you, then congratulations, you have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot in the comic community right now. If it doesn’t, then shame on you! Humphries is the writer behind books such as BOOM! Studios’ CBGB and Archaia’s Fraggle Rock, but he recently made a massive splash in the comic community with the smash-hit self-published Our Love Is Real. Since then, we’ve been eagerly anticipating what was to come from him next, and soon learned from editor Alejandro Arbona that Humphries’ next book would be entitled Sacrifice with artist Dalton Rose — but nothing else from that point.

    The grand announcement on the book will come Thursday, December 1st (and we will assuredly let you know more then), but over on Reddit, Sam Humphries hosted a creator AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) to chat with fans about his current body of work and let slip a few details on the upcoming book. Sacrifice will be a six-issue self-published/distributed mini-series, with the first issue being released on December 14th. As far as the plot is concerned, Humphries mentions that it is “about time travel, the Aztecs, and Joy Division”, which certainly makes the promo image tag-line abundantly clear.

    Humphries goes on the elaborate a bit more about where Sacrifice came from:

    SACRIFICE is the product of an eight-year (and counting) obsession with the Aztecs. I’m talking books, research, trips to the library, BBC docs, even an Aztec cooking class. The story itself has undergone many revisions…I wouldn’t call it effortful, but it did take some work to “find” the story.

    I have four other Aztec books I’d like to do, some of those ideas were faster than SACRIFICE, others (one in particular) much slower.

    Humphries also notes that for those who wait for trade, you may be out of luck: given that Sacrifice is a self-published series entirely, it may never see trade simply because self-publishing can be expensive. If the book sounds intriguing to you, your best bet is to stay-tuned for further announcements on the title, at which point we will share with you how you can order yourself some physical copies of the book. Humphries also alludes on Reddit (but does not confirm, as far as I can see) that the series may also be available on ComiXology for those of you who prefer digital.

    Either way, we can assure you that it is a book you’re going to want to read. Aztecs, time travel and Joy Division! What more do you want?

    We’ll get you more information on the book as we see it, and be sure to follow Humphries on Twitter for more, because once they “unleash the promotional dogs of Hades, it will be all over (his) feed.”

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