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    “Scarlet” Returning May Be This Year’s Hanukkah Miracle

    By Matthew Meylikhov | December 10th, 2012
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    As Brian Bendis writes on his tumblr,

    Scarlet fans! you patient revolutionaries! every night of Hanukkah Alex Maleev has been sending me chunks of the long-overdue issue six. if this keeps up the Chanukah miracle will be Scarlet going to the printer!!  don’t believe me?  here is an exclusive never before seen first look.

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but I very much miss getting a comic from Bendis and Maleev on the regular, whether it is “Daredevil,” “Moon Knight” or “Scarlet.” Given our shared religion, I can only do my best and throw out some thoughts for “Scarlet” when lighting the candles every night. You should, too.

    And if you’re not Jewish, just cross your fingers.

    If you’ve never read “Scarlet,” you can check it out on Comixology or pick up the first hardcover collection.

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