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    Scott Snyder Confirms “Batman Eternal: Year 2” During His Reddit AMA

    By | October 31st, 2014
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    This was something that was previously teased by Dan Didio, but now we have some confirmation: “Batman Eternal” is, for now, itself eternal.

    In response to a question during his Reddit AMA today, Scott Snyder wrote:

    Yep! The story ends in March and then we’ll do a year 2 after a break (we have to get WAY ahead on a weekly series before it starts coming out).

    This would explain why DiDio had previously noted that the book would go on a hiatus, and it also makes sense because it’s a book about Batman. “Batman Eternal” has been pretty popular amongst fans (and our own DC3 team), so this is pretty exciting to hear. With rumors of many books ending or otherwise going on because of the rumored “DC adhesive strip” event in the spring of next year many were under the impression that all of DC’s weekly endeavors would come to a full stop around that time, but at least “Batman Eternal” will continue, so hooray for Batman!

    Snyder’s AMA in general is quite fun, though. If you’ve ever wondered what other jobs Scott has had and whether it involved being a Disney Character Actor, you’ll find your answers waiting therein.

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