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    Friday at San Diego Comic Con: Day Two News Round Up

    By | July 11th, 2015
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    Day two at San Diego Comic Con 2015 has come and gone, with a ton of really exciting news being announce – but we couldn’t cover it all. We’ve got all the news that we missed yesterday in one convenient place, right here!


    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will be getting another Inhumn as part of the cast next year, with Lash joining the cast next season, although no actor has been named yet.

    – Blind Al has been cast for Deadpool, and it is Leslie Uggams.

    – Yet another “Secret Wars” tie-in has been announced: “Agents of Atlas” by Tom Taylor and Steve Pugh is coming in October.

    – October 14 will see the release of “Avengers” #0, which will feature short stories setting up a six relaunched team books, including “Squadron Supreme,” “A-Force,” and various Avengers titles.


    – After being discussed last season, Arrow is finally going to be showing us Damien Darhk this fall, as played by Neal McDonough, who many fans might recognize as Dum Dum Duggan from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    – One bit of positive news from the sad trombone festival that is “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race” – each comic will feature a 16 page ‘bonus’ comic from as-yet-unnamed creators.

    – DC’s October variant theme is Monsters – Newsarama has all 25 monster variants.

    – Hold all my calls from October to May – Jay Garrick is confirmed for The Flash this season.

    – Bruce Timm is adapting “The Killing Joke” into an animated film – let the obnoxious misunderstandings begin!

    Other Publishers:

    Dark Horse announced a “Legend of Korra” series written by series co-creator Michael DiMartino. Details (such as artist) are scarce, but it appears to take place after the conclusion of the animated series.

    – Christopher Priest, who was involved with the company in their earliest days, is coming back to Milestone Comics when the 2.0 version launches.

    – A premiere date and trailer for The Walking Dead Season 6 has been announced, as has a new cast member: Empire Records/That Thing You Do! star Ethan Embry.

    – Archie asks “Who is Vampironica?”

    – Speaking of Archie, the TV adaptation Riverdale is moving over to the CW.

    – Legendary Comics is doing a “Warcraft” graphic novel.

    – ONI Press announced three new, great sounding titles: “Over the Surface” by Natalie Nourigat, “Another Castle” by Andrew Wheeler and Paulina Ganucheau, and “The Mighty Zodiac” by J. Torres and Corin Howell.

    – And, finally, Red 5 Comics is answering everyone’s plea, by creating a line set in the world of The Usual Suspects.

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