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    SDCC: Ryan Reynolds Finally Recites Green Lantern Oath, Makes Little Boy’s Day

    By | July 25th, 2010
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    At the Green Lantern movie panel yesterday, a young fan of the character asked Reynolds what it was like to recite the oath. In response, Reynolds – for the first time in public – recited the famous oath as the hall apparently grew dead silent. He then signed and gave the fan a poster for the film.

    As Nathan Fillion said on twitter, this is why Ryan is a hero.

    As additional notes, coverage of the panel revealed that Sinestro will not be the villain of the second film apparently (as covered by Oh No They Didn’t), and it will instead be Blake Lively who suits up to kick his ass. Apparently they really want to milk the Sinestro relationship, which makes perfect sense if this is to be a trilogy. We’ll also see Parallax in the film, as confirmed by Reynolds. Reynolds also confirmed that we haven’t seen the final version of the costume yet – but don’t expect white gloves.

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